GLASMA Pelletized Batch

Standard Recipes
Since the start of the Company in 1979 a significant number of high quality GLASMA standard products have been developed. Today we supply a wide range of pelletized lead free crystal, lead crystal and other glass making products to glassworks and studios all over the world.

Customized Recipes
For some glassworks we produce their own batch formulas. Advantage is taken of our high product quality and technical expertise to obtain improved glass quality with many other benefits.

Consistent High Quality
Consistent high quality of the batch material is very important for any master blower. You cannot create art work from an inferior batch.
Improved costs by reducing the number of rejects is one of the most important issues for all glassworks. GLASMA use selected, pure raw materials which are carefully weighed and mixed, followed by pelletizing and drying in a computerized production process. The quality control is highly developed and GLASMA has for many years been certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Environment And User Friendly
When using GLASMA pelletized batch the need to handle and store different chemicals is avoided and emissions, especially particulates, are noticeably reduced. The GLASMA plant is specially designed for making pelletized batch and has a ”closed loop process” with all the necessary equipment to ensure safe production and to meet the strict Swedish environmental requirements.

GLASMA is certified to ISO 14001.

Easy To Melt/
Energy savings
When the materials are pelletized, the batch is more homogenous and a lower energy consumption, shorter melting time and/or lower working temperatures can be expected.

Ready To Use
GLASMA pelletized batch is delivered ready to use. A high quality raw material for the production of world class glass. No mixing is required, no space for mixing or chemical storage is needed and minimum orders can be placed to suit production requirements.